Thursday, January 14, 2010

like mother like daughter

Our mom talks about Martin Luther King Jr
My three daughters have asked me to write in their blog!! humph!!
trying to lure me into the 21st century...but since some of the most meaningful events happened in the last century....still fresh in my mind(thank god!!), I would like to use my first "entrance" with remembering Martin Luther King Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I will never forget the excitement and the awe I felt as that most thrilling, amazingly electric throng of people stood , listening to Martin Luther King in Washington DC. His deliverance of "I have a Dream" speech was so moving that today I still have waves of breathlessness when I recall being among the hopeful throngs of human beings, of all colors ,shapes and sizes.... ready to acknowledge and promote a real agenda for equality.....and I also recall that we sadly witnessed the wrath and anger of those on the sidelines, glowering , bigoted bystanders, growling,and ready to frighten us as we stood with dignity and reverence.

Today, so many years later, and in a new century, I still pursue the dream of this man...equality. For me equality and respect are those intangible "things' we should strive to live by and not put behind us.... they should be our invisible companions...My dear dear daughters, I am proud that you are triumphant in your wonderful view of life, how you work together in fairness and consideration, one to the other, while dealing with the production of your beautiful handbags. In business, as well as in private life, these qualities are so needed.Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you all...


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i like that its there mom!

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