Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In The Closet… On daily Candy

In the Closet

Magnes Sisters Handbags

To: You
From: Your Closet
RE: Handbag Clutter

It has come to my attention that you are hoarding handbags. I am currently stuffed with four shabby hobos, six worn-out shoulder bags, eight used and abused clutches, three company logo totes, and one frayed jute beach bag. This situation requires immediate action.

Please give your undivided attention to the Magnes Sisters, a trio that designs impeccable purses.

Each one is named after a martini: The Classic refreshes in warm-weather neutrals with retro floral lining. The Dry, a smart zippered clutch that doubles as a shoulder bag, goes down easy in fetching tones. The spacious Dirty, with specially designed hardware, is a tempting mix of pretty and practical.

Each bag is so smart, you could get away with owning just one — meaning you can throw those useless numbers out.

Next on the agenda: everything that’s too risque for casual Friday.

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